Exploring Dumaguete

Dubbed as the City of Gentle People, the city of Dumaguete truly earned this nickname. Dumaguete is the largest city in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines.  It is famous in the country because of its most popular delicacy, the silvanas, and is famous on the entire world because it is where the Silliman University is located.

However, there is more to be seen in Dumaguete. We have listed a couple of things to do here and sights to be seen.

1.) Rizal Boulevard Promenade


Named after the country’s national hero, Jose Rizal, the Rizal Boulevard Promenade is the city’s center for activities. During early in the morning, it is full of joggers and hikers. During night, it is filled with barbecue vendors for those who want to eat grilled food by the beach. It is also filled with music from bands from different restaurants all over the strip.

2.) Motorized Tricycle


To get around the city, you will be riding the motorized tricycle. This is the main mode of transportation in Dumaguete City. Just a heads up, there are no cabs in the city. Tricycles can fit up to 8 people and the fare is really cheap. Within the city destination would only cost you 20 pesos or around 45 cents in American currency. One good thing about the city is there is no traffic at all.

3.) Silliman University


Established in 1901, the Silliman University is the first American university in the entire Asian continent. This university was named after a retired American philanthropist and businessman, Dr. Horace Silliman. Dr. Silliman who came from Cohoes, New York, initially gave $10,000 to start the elementary school for boys. It was in 1910 that the institution began accepting college students.

4.) Dumaguete Cathedral and Belfry



The Dumaguete Cathedral or also known as St. Catherine of Alexandria Church was constructed between 1754 and 1756, making it the oldest stone church in the entire province. As for the bell tower, it was constructed during the Spanish colonial period in the year 1811. The bell tower was designed to warn the people of Dumaguete of Muslims going to the area to take slaves.

5.) Food




If you ask a Filipino what they can say about Dumaguete, they will probably talk about the food. The food is not just super delicious, it is super cheap! From American, to Mexican or local, they really capture the true taste of each dish. Restaurants like Casablanca Delicatessen, Casa de Coco Amigos and the famous Sans Rival Bistro can be found along the Rizal Boulevard.

6.) Apo Island



Apo Island is the diver’s paradise. To get here, just go to the city pier and take a small boat to the island. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes. This volcanic island has a total area of 12 hectares and is home to thousands and thousands of marine life. If you wish to get away from the city for a little while, then this is the place to be. You can snorkel, scuba dive or engage in other water sport activities. There are also resorts in the island just in case you decide to stay overnight.

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Things to do in Palawan (Part 2)

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Things to do in Palawan (Part 1)

Palawan is a magical place that lies in the Philippine archipelago. It is best known because of the world famous Underground River, which is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the Nature. To get here, aboard a plane from Manila to Puerto Princesa. This is just an hour or so plane ride. If you wish to experience the city’s best tourist spots, it is best to contact a travel agency ahead so you won’t have to worry about transportation.

There are tons of budget friendly hotels and inns in Palawan, but if you wish to experience a bit of luxury, then you can stay at the Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa. You can relax at the hotel’s comfortable rooms, and take a dip at the pool’s cool water. After all, you might need to relax after a long travel and prepare for the many adventures in the coming days.

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa
The resort’s pool bar

If you happen to stumble upon this blog and haven’t contacted an agency yet, don’t fret. You can coordinate with the resort’s staff for adventure tours. There is also a beach in the vicinity, so if you want to smell that fresh, salty breeze, you can head to the Sabang Beach.

Sabang Beach
Sabang Beach

Imagine all the things you can do in just your first day in Palawan. If you really wish to de-stress and get pampered, just go to the resort’s spa for either a Thai or Swedish massage for a good night’s rest.

Now, to begin you day tour, you might want to start at the Palawan Butterfly Farm. This will surely be a delight to lepidopterists and the like. The Palawan Butterfly boasts a wide collection of thousands and thousands of butterfly species. You can relax and just take a stroll at their garden with beautiful sights of butterflies everywhere.



Since you have already calmed your senses, I bet you’re already craving for an adventure. The next best place to head to is the Mitra’s Ranch. The ranch is owned by the city’s governor which he opened to the public for leisure. Here, you can enjoy the trampolins, do horseback riding or if you want that adrenaline rush, you can go for the 3-stationed zipline. You can enjoy the zipline for a 500 peso fee.



Now if all the activities you’ve experienced made you famished, then head to the nearby Baker’s Hill. From the name itself, the bakery is situated atop a hill and I guarantee, they bake one of the best breads and pastries in the entire country. Your entire Palawan trip would not be complete without taking home their delicious treats. You can feast on their pastries or dine at their restaurant which serves scrumptious dishes.


Inside the park, you will see decorative hedge trimming, flowers, and statues of iconic celebrities: from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Marilyn Monroe. By the way, don’t forget to try their cheese bread, hopia, chocolate crinkles and ensaymada. Truly delish!



When the sun goes down and you’re looking for a place to dine, try Kinabuch’s. If you ask locals where to eat, they will definitely say Kinabuch’s, so I would say this is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. And if you want to try not-so-ordinary dishes, then you’re in the right place. They serve exotic dishes like crocodile sisig and crocodile pizza. Yup, that’s right—crocodile. But if you don’t have the appetite to dine such, you can always go for pork, beef, chicken or fish. After dinner, you can hang out for while and maybe grab a few drinks here. They also have live bands to make your dining experience more lively.



Well, that’s it for now. On my next blog, we will talk about the famous Underground River, island hopping, and the enchanting El Nido, so make sure you stay tuned!


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What to do in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in the nation of Morocco. Dubbed as the “Jewel of the South”, it is one of the best trading places in the world. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, cattle, lanterns, carpets and many more can be bought in the city’s Berber market.





If you want to get a good deal, you must be awesome at bargaining. Many tourists head to the Berber market to get souvenirs for their friends and loved ones. Once you’re done shopping and you want to get away from all the noise and bustle, you can head to the Majorelle Garden.

The Majorelle Garden is an enchanting place that houses a wide collection of plants and flowers. Did you know that the famous Yves Saint Laurent’s ashes were scattered here? And it’s no wonder why he chose the Majorelle Garden as his “resting place”. You will truly be captivated by its beauty. To get here, you can aboard some of the horse carriages that are scattered around the city.




These are just some of the hundreds of things you can do in Marrakesh. You can also experience staying at their luxurious hotels and dine on their scrumptious delicacies. If you wish to experience their nightlife as well, there are a dozen of clubs with international DJs. Any time is the best time to go. Just prepare for some warm clothes because it gets very gold when the sun goes down, as well as the winter season.

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